On Turning F-O-U-R-T-Y

I remember just a few years ago when people who were 40 were so old and mature.  Now on my big day, man oh man, people who are 60 seemed so old and mature!  Why is it when we are younger, no one older tells you that you don’t ever really feel like an adult yet?  I think there is still a strange part of me that is waiting for the grownup to arrive in my life, to take over and to tell me what to do.  Ha!  Rather than that, I think I am going to just make peace with living the dream of dying young, but at a grand old age!

For my birthday my sweetheart N offered to take me anywhere in the world I wanted to go to celebrate and make memories of meaning on my big day.  Of all the places I have traveled in the world to date (and I won’t lie, yes there are many), the geographical area containing the most of my favorite spots grouped close together is found in the Pacific Northwest of America.  So we hopped a plane from the east and upon landing in the west went to the mountains, walked on the beach, hiked the waterfalls and dined on delicious food at one of my favorite restaurants.  In general we painted the area a beautiful shade of celebratory black.

As the gift to myself, for my birthday I am currently reviewing and celebrating each ounce of hard won wisdom these past 40 years of living have brought me.  I am celebrating the pockets of bliss and joy that I have learned to create in my life flow each day.  I am looking at all those little lines and shadows now appearing in reflection in the mirror and remembering to love and adore what I see.  I am 40 and fabulous from the inside out and the outside in. These words are not just left here as lip service.  They are the result of looking myself squarely in the eyes, telling myself the truth, cutting myself some slack, but doing so while pointing myself squarely in the direction of all that is coming for me this next year.  It is going to be a biggy.  I can feel it in my bones.

Current birthday wisdom I am sharing with myself today:

I hope to live the next 40 still taking risks, trying new things and growing from new mistakes.  Happy birthday to me!

P.S. if you are ever in Portland, Oregon eat here:

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2 thoughts on “On Turning F-O-U-R-T-Y

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Great wisdom from the start M! Always make new mistakes! Love it

    • In the 3 1/2 years since this post, there have been many new “mistakes”, but as they have brought me the growth and evolution with closer and closer clarity for understanding my truth, are they really as such?!

      Thanks for the read and support.

      Joy on your journey Anon. -x.M

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