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I am absolutely loving living in Rochester.  What a great little city.  Within a 15 minute drive you can be at the lake or in the middle of a field of cows.  N and I are quite settled in and at home also with many exciting events in our life right on the horizon.  But before I get ahead of myself, I thought I would quickly check in here and share a few of our favorite local finds.

I think much good can be said for many aspects of the turn of the century concept of “café society”.  N and I have a passion for people watching and for the sparking of creative insights that can be generated by getting a change of scene.  With Rochester being a wonderful college town, we have not been let down with the selection of local hangouts.  I thought I would share a few of my favorites that are within a few blocks walking distance from our home.

As I was raised with a tradition that was not supportive of caffeine consumption, the idea of coffee shops was a new experience for me when I was launched out into the world.  Coffee itself still does not hold a place in my diet, but herbal tea, well that is another matter.  I have found a local hangout that is a wonderful blend of tea house, art house, coffee shop and all around wonderful place to watch the world go by.  Welcome to JAVAs.


They make the most amazing cinnamon plum iced herbal tea and jumbo molasses cookie on the planet.  I think I could sit at one of their tables quite happily all day and watch the antique French creamers dispense just the right shot of cream into one’s cup as humanity passes by.


Right around the corner from Java is the most charming garden I have seen in ages.  Yes that is right, this is not some European delight, this is Rochester, NY. They have several benches strategically placed to allow one to sit in peace and contemplate the view.  Public gardens are such a gift to those who live close enough to enjoy them.




Another favorite spot has become Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe.  It has a wonderful retro diner vibe and they serve a mean piece of white chocolate raspberry cheese cake.



There is a special energy that is generated when human beings create places of meaning outside their homes in their life flow.  N and I are looking forward to much good juju from time spent in places here.

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4 thoughts on “About Town

  1. Erik Andrulis on said:

    40 (you’re a young’un!) in Ra-cha-cha, drinking java, I see those eyes. Ever go to McGregors or Nick Tahous? (Those were two holes in the wall I spent many a night in college.)

    • 40 was 3 1/2 years hence, but as age is more a state of mind at this point in the game, we are all young’uns :). Did have the famous garbage plate a few times, but as a teetotaler (started by dogma, continued by lack of enjoyment for taste) missed McGregors. LOVED our time in the ROC. -x.M

      • Erik Andrulis on said:

        Being 43.5 years old (April 1970 here), I think we’re on the same page. Oh to be young! (Except I’ve heard that Nick’s plates take away 1 month from your life expectancy…j/k). Miss upstate.

      • Made my entrance a few months before to join a lifetime of celebrating the same day with Neil Diamond.

        Good vintage ’70 was. -x.M

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