And The Bride Wore…

Yes N and I did it!  We told no one and I mean no one to the tune of asking the witness from the wedding that took place before us to stay and sign for ours.  We snuck away, just the two of us, to the justice of the peace in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this week and got married.

Being deeply spiritual, but not having a specific religious background for N, a civil ceremony that was quick and easy seemed just the right thing for now.  I did contemplate for a moment renting a classic convertible, going to a drive thru chapel and having the event officiated by an Elvis impersonator, but as I am sure N and I would have laughed all the way through such nuptials, we settled for an aesthetically unadorned but powerfully rich moment with a judge.

And  the bride wore…well, in some alternate reality somewhere it was a Monique Lhuillier chantilly lace gown adorned with a rose and ribbon, but in actual fact, she wore just what matched the spontaneous moment in the form of a vintage little black dress.  I had spent a wonderful afternoon vintage shopping in Brooklyn some time ago and had found a 1950’s cocktail number that had been waiting to make its debut somewhere special in my life.  I am sure this dress has tales to tell from the days of Mad Men on Madison Avenue and moments with Audry having breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Now its silky fibers can count witnessing true love sealed with an amazing kiss in Nevada.

I was quite impressed with the efficient setup the city of Las Vegas has to process all the paperwork associated with the 120,000 weddings that take place there each year.  The facilities themselves are quite classy and do not project any of that glitz and neon tackiness that the Las Vegas strip is famous for.  N and I are basically not really blingish in our tastes so it was nice to find a niche that suited our needs.

It was important to me that N and I have the opportunity to make the moment personal and truly ours.  In doing so we by no means wanted any friends or family to feel left out.  Rather we look forward to sharing the relationship that we develop as a couple with all of you during the years and adventures to come.

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