Accoutrements Of The Knot

Even with the quick preparations for our wedding, N and I wanted to include some special personal touches on the day.  I am very honored and fortunate to have been asked to make the wedding bouquets for each of my 4 sisters when they were married.  This talent came to good use as when my turn came, I was able to make my own as well.  I incorporated aspects of the designs from each of their bouquets while also adding my own special meanings.

N and I met face to face for the first time in a crop circle in the countryside in Wiltshire in England.  Unbeknownst to N, I saved some of the wheat from the field that day and I was able to tuck a piece in with the cabbage roses in my wedding bouquet. Somewhere quietly in my heart when I picked those stocks on that first meeting, I knew they would be used that way one day.


I also wore a pin on my wedding dress with a special secret meaning for me.  It is a vintage mine cut diamond brooch that I gifted myself, purchased from an antique dealer in the diamond district in NYC.  I bought it at a challenging point in my life because it reminded me of the arrow of time with the past, present and future represented.  Right before we were married I told N about its secret meaning for me.  He took a picture of me in the car right before the ceremony pointing to the center, to the present where we both strive to live.  The now is all there ever really is and when we remember that, each new moment can be a first again. One of the best wedding presents N and I give to each other is to be centered and present with each other in the present (sorry a sentence I presently couldn’t resist).

There are too many other truly magic meanings and moments in our relationship to recount here, but one other fabulous first was the fact that fireworks actually started to go off and were seen out the window over the River Avon right as we shared our very first kiss…no really!  Upon noticing them we both immediately burst out laughing as a bad B movie could not have been more predicatively scripted.  My oh my, over and over, the universe has had a wicked sense of humor when it comes to us.

One day in the future, on the arrow of times that are coming, I can see N and me standing in that same field where we first met, surrounded by family and friends renewing our vows by sharing an ancient handfasting ceremony with them.  You see, for a long time before we knew each others names, N and I were joined by a long distance ribbon of knowingness that the other one was somewhere out there.  We are so grateful to have finally hit the time in our lives where we get to tie that ribbon in an actual knot together and share our knowingness with all of you.  When we say that a married couple has tied the knot, this sacred ceremony is where that saying comes from.

More than anything, I am so glad that the few accoutrements we did have present on our big day are still packed with meaning now.  At the end of the day, no, there is nothing like the gift of the present.  Nope there is knot.  🙂

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