Taking of Tea

I am so comforted by a cup of tea.  I think it is all about making a moment to hold still and treat my body to something rich and warm.  I like the ritual of the process of brewing and always have my eye out for new tastes to try in a cup.




Growing up, my family had a wonderful Japanese couple who lived with us for a few years as au pairs.  Through them I came to appreciate the sacredness that can be present in day to day living activities elevated to a form of art.  So when N and I got married, I wanted to give us the opportunity to share a bit of life as art together, too.  So, as a gift to our marriage we got ourselves an antique Japanese tea pot to use with a little tea ritual to close out our day.  Upon hearing about this, as a gift from his parents, N’s dad who is a wonderful painter, captured our pot in a stunning water color which hangs wherever we eat!

For many years I also have traveled with a little reproduction Japanese tea set on the airplane.  As I have actually frozen water bottles set by my feet near the aircraft door during long flights, the availability of something warm is a must. To be able to imbibe in style is a joy.  It also has been a wonderful conversation starter with interesting and observant customers over the years.

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