Flown To Fall

It is truly hard for me to believe how quickly time is going.  I blink and fall is falling.  Autumn for so many reasons is my favorite time of year.  There is that ethereal fleeting moment where something almost imperceptible has changed in the air and you know summer has ended and sweater time is just around the corner.  N and I discovered this charming fruit stand out in Amish country near the lake while we were out on one of our drives.  The rain started and the air changed and I noticed the moment.  Fall is here.

I am a snuggler by nature and there is nothing better than getting out the elderdown dunna and tucking in early for a deep chat on chilly autumnal night.  I once said how I longed to roll over at 2:03am in the morning and find my partner in crime awaiting to be awoken with the details of my latest crazy lucid dreaming.  This fall for the first time ever it is so.

Here is the view of the city from the roof of our building as the stunning old growth trees in our neighborhood start to put on their show.  One of the simple pleasures in life is walking through fall leaves and hearing them crunch as you go.  One of the best smells on the planet is the sweet scent of leaves decaying by the side of streams.


I could go on and on about the subtle joys of falling for fall, but I think I will stop now and go dig my favorite sweater out of storage as I think I feel a walk in the leaves in my near future.

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