Sky Goddess

Ten years ago this month I wrapped up my life on the west coast and moved east to work for a brand new company based out of NYC.  Yes, I packed away that masters degree, quit teaching for the university, closed the shutters on a private practice and took to the air.  I became a flight attendant, aka Sky Goddess extraordinaire.

In doing this, I completely turned life as I had known it upside down and launched myself over the edge of the abyss into the utter unknown.  I will not lie and say that the past decade has been all smooth sailing, but what I have gained has been greater than listening to any fear that would have kept me totally grounded could ever be.

Recently I realized that one of the greatest gifts this employment has encouraged is a sense of balance.  It has taught me about having stillness while in motion and has given me a birds eye view back into my own life as an ultimate observer from above the frey. (also recently upgraded my wings by achieving the perfectly balanced pack!)

Happy anniversary to me.

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