I <3 NYC

Our time in Rochester has drawn to a close.  N and I so much enjoyed our adventures there, but try as we might to make it a more permanent home, the road called.  For the foreseeable future we are making our home right outside Manhattan in New York City.  I for one am proud to say that I survived a GPS glitch with my driving that took us through bumper to bumper traffic in midtown Manhattan with moving trailer in tow!

But we made it, are unpacked and are settled in for the summer.  Already we have some favorite spots to share.  At the top of the list has got to be Central Park.  But I will give 2 round trip tickets to NY to the first person who can tell me where this special spot in the park is:

We are also loving finding new little gems for a cuppa and sweet.  So far a new favorite found is in Greenwich Village.  You can’t miss Tea & Sympathy with the Hackney carriage parked out front.  My British boy was in heaven to find an authentic sponge in custard.

A standard older favorite as well that is worth mentioning is Alice’s Tea Cup, located right outside the park on the upper west side.  Their pumpkin chocolate chip  scones are heaven on the lips.  Also be sure not to be too much of a grown-up and ask to be faire dusted!

Another monumental moment with this move was the opportunity for me to get a new desk.  For many years I have dreamed of having a writing space with a secret compartment to store treasures and love letters.  Thanks to the over population of the NYC area, the advent of craigslist and my Ns spoiling of me, that dream is now a reality.  I look forward to all the creativity that will take place at in these new sacred spots.

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