Wedded Bliss One Year Later

Blink and the 1 year anniversary of my wedding is here.  It is finally been a full year in the relationship I always dreamed was possible.  I have been fortunate to share my life with many wonderful people who have amazing qualities and abilities, but this past year with N has been the most present source of support and growth I have ever experienced.   N has consistently held the space required for me to look at all I need to address for my next step in evolution as a spiritual being on this planet.  He provides a mirror of such utter clarity to use in processing my current understandings and truth, reflecting where I am stuck and he consistently has helped me celebrate all that I was, am and will be.

One year ago today, N and I spent our wedding night having dinner at a stunning restaurant with one of the most delicious ambiances I had seen in years.  I am a big appreciater of getting the lighting in a place right and I have found that those establishments that use lanterns almost always hit the perfect mark between being able to see what is eaten while still creating a moody, romantic atmosphere.  I actually can’t remember right now the name of the place (it is located south of the strip at Town Square ), but here are the pictures from a near perfect wedding meal.

My starter was tostones with a watermelon mango salsa.  It is one of the best appetizers I have ever put into my mouth!

One year ago today, the way N and I spent our night after this dinner made for one of the most meaningful and magic beginnings to any marriage I know of.  And before anyone gets all funny and skips the next bit (I actually never kiss and tell in public), the bulk of this amazing night was actually spent looking for my purse which I discovered had disappeared somewhere between dinner and our return to the hotel.

Now disappearance of a purse would not have been that big of a deal if it only required cancelling a few bank cards, however because we needed several proofs of identity for the marriage license, in this little antique beaded wonder was my passport, my work ID and my FAA background certification card.  As I was scheduled to go to work on our return to NYC my purse gone missing was a disaster as I cannot fly without any of these items.  Post 9/11 with all the added airline terrorist security, any time a flight attendant’s documents go missing it is a big deal that involves a full police report and investigation and the involvement of the local FBI field office closest to the location.  Imagine my mortification when I went to retrieve our hotel room key and there was no purse to be found!!!

What happened next is such a stunning example of the rock solid foundation of my marriage.  My sweet N did not for one minute grumble or loose his cool about loss of time exploring traditional wedding night adventures.  He got me to the room, sat me down and then calmly walked me through our last steps together before getting to the hotel.  I remembered that I had had the rental car keys in the purse so this narrowed down the location of the purse being lost between the car, parking lot area of this huge plaza near the restaurant and the hotel.

N and I then did something that is a wonderful tool for connecting to any object that you wish to find.  N asked me to focus on an important item in the purse.  Immediately I knew what he was up too.  I choose to think about a magic little rock that I carry with me that has special meaning as it was picked up at a time I was focused on healing myself while visiting a beach (that story for another blog post).   We then closed our eyes and meditated on that little rock as I called its location to me.  We then left the hotel, got back into the car and drove the 20 minutes back to the restaurant (we were staying in a stunning resort hotel out in the desert away from the strip as N and I are not big traditional Vegas people).

Not knowing why at the time, as we got closer to the huge Town Square area I choose to drive in backwards to the way we came in to park for dinner.  As I made the right hand turn into the 6 lanes of southern strip traffic what caught my eye in the middle of the left hand turn lane in the on coming traffic, on the black pavement, in the black of night, was this smashed little black purse.  I immediately turned on my emergency blinkers and held up tons of strip traffic while N risked life and limb to retrieve the bag.  As there was smashed mirror and lipstick goo everywhere he carefully wrapped the little bag in the hanky he always carries in his pocket.  We then immediately pulled over and in a moment of utter gratitude to the universe laughed our heads off at the perfection of the experience and lessons given during the first hours spent our first night as a married couple.

I still have no idea how a purse I last remembered placing in the space in between the rental front car seats ended up out of the car in the middle of a busy street.  However, you see, N and I are not normal.  This is a good thing. We know reality will challenge us and in return we make and share magic bending and breaking the rules in response wherever we go.

This anniversary it is dinner at Devi in NYC (devi in the Indian spiritual tradition is the name for the feminine aspect of divinity).  It is the first Indian restaurant in the USA to earn any Michelin stars.  And yes, this year there are stunning lanterns, too.

(but NO lost purse 🙂 ).

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2 thoughts on “Wedded Bliss One Year Later

  1. When conscious creators move together in the world, watch out… experiential fireworks and rolling balls of thunder go off on many levels. lol

    That little black handbag had been on many precious adventures with me as it was usually the place I stored my meditation mask when I traveled. The experience allowed sweet surrender into the flow, head spinning, knowing nothing was ever going to be the same again.

    To this day, I still cannot think of that night without chills of happiness and joy. Yes, WOW, it was quite the night. 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to read Tomas! Fun story to share, with deeper implications for us all.

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