Vanity of The Vanity

Over many years by trial and error I have come up with a simple set of products that make being in my body just that bit easier to get along with.  I once saw a quote and it totally made me smile…it went something like:

She travels light, well as light as a woman can who still carries around her body for its sentimental value.

I adore that way of thinking about this flesh and bones.  Often N refers to the human state as our time in the rental car!  So, while I am still in this body, I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

I think my love of all things feminine started as a little girl with visits to a dear, flamboyant grandmother named Paloma who had a mirrored vanity and dressing area full of wonderful smelling lotions and potions and with a great Aunt named Doris whose jewellery box was a treasure trove of sparkle.  After a fun day playing out on the farm my sisters and I would come in to be bathed, pampered and princessed up.  Not being the girliest of girls at home, it was always a treat to enter this rose scented feminine world of their pots and powders.  I vowed that one day “when I grew up” I too would have my very own vanity full of vanity.

I was lucky as well that at that tender age, these amazing women also taught me that the true beauty that I had was not ever going to come from outside, but from within.  After all the princessing was done by them, I always felt loved not because of my long curly hair, good report card or 10 point cartwheel in the yard, it was just because I was their M. I felt loved just because I was me.  I know that Grandma Paloma and Grammie Dordie, although they would not agree with all the choices I have made in my life, would still always, all ways love me and be proud of the woman I am and continue to become today.

Having acknowledged those important roots however, just from the outer perspective, hands down, as I have moved about the world as an adult, European women to me are some of the most naturally beautiful in the world.  After many tries, I find many of products they use from over the pond most always edge ours out.  Two of my favorites are from France, Clarins and Fresh.

So without much fanfaire here are my current face can’t do withouts:


Here are my body can’t do withouts:


Just as an aside and to close this post with a smile, the last time I got to visit with Paloma while she was still living in her home on the Snake River, upon walking in the front door she immediately grabbed my hand, raced me to her bedroom, tackled me with a bear hug pulling us onto her bed from where she then got up, opened her closet and proceeded to show me her latest pair of heels.  At 82 she still had some of the best shoes I have ever seen.  So just in honor of you Grandma P, I share here my current favorites, too:

(Yes I do own a few pairs past the Sanita cloggs I wear 99.99% of the time.  At the end of the day, I still can’t totally shake the practical girl in me.)

And as Gram would say…great gams there girl!

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