Evolution of The Desk

For whatever reason I have always had a love of interior design.  I can spend hours looking at home and garden magazines and I am passionate about finding treasures to fill the spaces I inhabit. When I was 14 I heard about a trunk show for Indian rugs being held at a local Hilton Hotel and I made my mother take me with my hard earned baby sitting money.  While my girl friends were buying Guess jeans and Reeboks, I picked out and purchased my first Indian Dhurrie rug!

That said, I am often asked why it is that I did not end up studying design and working professionally in the field and I can honestly say it is because I think good taste is a highly personal thing.  I would never want to sit in a room in my home filled by someone elses imagination.  For me design is all about discovering who you are and what you love and then surrounding yourself outside with those symbolic representations of your inner vision.  When I do help friends and family with small design issues, I delight in helping them find their own solutions and interpretations of my suggestions.

Over the years since that first home related rug purchase, one of the great joys I also have discovered is to use something beautiful and then when the time is right, to give it away.  It is a powerful exercise in non-attachment which has allowed me to indulge in form without getting totally lost in the tangibility of the concrete external world that we move in everyday.

So to this end, four years ago I gave everything away.  At the time all of my earthly possessions where sitting  in a storage unit waiting.  Waiting  for?  Well when I stored them I was not sure what was coming, but my intuition told me that these belongings would not be needed for the next leg of the journey.  It turned out I was right.  Within 9 months I ended up spending a year going back and forth to England as I fell in love with that man from Manchester.  At about the same time, my delightful youngest sister purchased her first home and suddenly all my stored stuff had a new purpose and a new home.  So for the past few years that $7 Florida flea market find desk (pictured above when it was in my home in AR) has been put to good use as my brother-in-law has studied at it while he is in medical school.  I have very much enjoyed watching this precious sister take this stuff and create her version of home with it.  She has got the touch and her home looks and feels sublime.

And the evolution continues.  On finally closing the gap on the Atlantic pond going back and forth to England with the decision for N to come to join me in the States, one of the first things I was looking forward to doing was getting myself a new creative space again.  This time around it was $40 and was inspired by an ad on craigslist indicating several people would be needed to help move the 1940’s vintage bomb proof, bullet proof and fire proof metal delight.  It fit wonderfully tucked into the corner of our first apartment in Rochester. One of my favorite memories of this desk is of sitting at it with a cup of tea while making my wedding bouquet and not having to worry about the top getting wet!  However, when it came time to move from NY, due to the bulk, this wonderful desk ended up with a new home and now lives in a fantastic brownstone in Brooklyn.

I now arrive at the current incarnation of creative locations for the past year.  For most of my life if one were to ask what my dream desk would include, I would have said always at the top of the list would be a desk with a secret compartment to store love letters and special papers.  Due to my sweet N, this dream is finally a reality.  So for this moment, here is the piece that is sharing time in my home space.  I have enjoyed many hours sitting consuming and creating in this special spot.

Although the importance of what happens at it is almost always what is going on inside myself, how fun to have such a desk as a prop in the theater of my external life.  Already today it is the location for the birth of this blog post and as I have been reminded to give more inner peeks, it is a tremendous aide for storage and organization of all life’s little bits and pieces.  I’ll post more about those bits another time, but will leave you with a sneak peek at her inner workings by sharing a picture of her top drawer treasures (though not pointing out the location of the secret compartment, because, well then it would no longer be secret!).

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