Loving Aunt K. Nicole & Cashmere

With the power now out for 3 days I am typing this quickly while there is still juice left on my mac and I look forward to posting this up from some warm cafe in town or when the internet is back up here at home.

I am the oldest child of two oldest children.  The dynamics of this family placement meant that each of my parents had youngest siblings who were only 5 or 6 years older than me.  It also meant that I had no cousins my own age when I was growing up, but this trade off was ok though because at the time the coolness of my Aunts closest in age mostly made up for my being old enough to get stuck babysitting all my younger siblings and younger cousins at family gatherings.

For a small window of time right at the end of my high school years my Dads youngest sister K. Nicole came to live with us for a bit.  Her 21 to my age 16 was just about the perfect spread to keep me out of her way, while still not being too young to hang out with.  Aunt K. was so incredibly supportive at this tender period of time at the end of my teenage angst years and generous with her loaning to me of some of the most beautiful clothes I had ever seen at that point in my life.  Her taste was expensive and impeccable.  For example, I was able to wear the most stunning peach cashmere sweater set with matching skirt to an important scholarship interview that year.  I felt like a million dollars in the outfit and in the end, although clothes do not make the woman, out of thousands of applicants, the NBA Jazz did award me one of two cash grants given in the State of Utah.  Really the point of sharing this, besides having a fond time reminiscing about this stunning Aunt is that she started me off on a love affair with all things cashmere.

Sitting here today with the power out and the temp dipping in the high teens, I am so grateful for all the soft warmth abounding in my wardrobe. Nothing kisses one like the touch of cashmere next to the skin.  If you do not own a piece, save up your pennies and please please please treat yourself to something splendid.  Aunt K. Nicole and I applaud you for spoiling yourself.  YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Self portrait wrapped up staying warm indoors in my favorite fuzzy cashmere sweater and hat (note Luke curled in the chair next to the fire and Max curled in vain at the foot of a cold spot heater!).

Later this afternoon…the cashmere cats…the fur men keeping warm cuddled together under my favorite scarf.

Thanks Aunt K., you classy woman you.

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