A Rose By Any Other Name

Connecting with some part of nature each day for many years now has been a huge part of my daily rituals / spiritual practice.  As for bringing these bits of nature from the outside into where I live and sleep, well this does not happen as straight forwardly as I would like.

Living in a space with Max & Luke (our cats) creates some special challenges when it comes to bringing nature indoors.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE having plants and flowers in any space I inhabit, however, I have to balance this with the fact that these two little fur guys don’t quite understand the concept that these items are for looking at and not snacking on!

For a time I can get away with putting arrangements on tables and in creative spaces up high.  However, eventually they usually are discovered and I will return to find some little shredded pile at their base at some point.  (In a magazine I once saw a Christmas tree suspended upside hanging down from the ceiling for the same reason!)

Recently I came across a wonderfully novel solution to my flower dilemma.  I saw the most stunning metal and blown glass wall vases at an art gallery.  They were hand blown, hand wrought and worth every penny of their $$$ artistic price tag.  However, until they move up on the priority for acquisition list, I have come up with a brilliant re-use for my Tazo Giant Peach green tea bottles that solves my problem.

If you have a corner of your home that could use a bit of color and life, try it out.  A nice bottle of herbal ice tea to enjoy and then a bit of wire and a nail.  Every time I walk past these spots now, my heart smiles and cats can look, but definitely not touch.

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