Poetry In Motion

N and I just had our first spontaneous picnic of the season in Central Park.  It was the perfect early spring afternoon.  We picked a spot on a rock radiating warmth and tucked into the treats from Whole Foods.  Bliss bliss bliss.

The afternoon was turning into such a lovely evening that we decided to do a city walking bimble.  We began at Columbus Circle, had fruit for desert in Bryant Park and then were on from there for night caps at The Jane…my $7 coca cola with lime was worth every penny for the ambiance that is purchased with it as one relaxes by the fire in their lobby.    It was a pretty near perfect post dentist evening in the city (Yes it may seem extravagant, but N flies back to NYC to have his checkups.  After YEARS of bad experiences with rubbish dentists in England, now that he has found one he likes, I am happy to support him flying 3000 miles to keep his already stunning smile shinning. -Small inside joke between us as so many people, when upon learning I was dating a Brit, first question asked was usually about the state of his teeth lol).

Something that N and I do from time to time is let the city create poetry with us as we randomly move about.  We are exceptionally discrete eavesdroppers and we will pick out and record the overheard portions of conversations as we move along allowing the passing of people and motion of the city to write the poetry with us.  We take the clear part of any conversation heard from random people passing us as they are on the phone or are talking to who they walk with and write it down.  As they go past we then wait until the next person goes by us who says something clearly to add the next line to the flow.

The following is the piece created from Park to Park (Central at Columbus Circle to Bryant) basically along Broadway in New York City.

  • the cycle of mediocrity…   it is really Saturday morning…  asked you if espresso or martini…   (something beautiful in Spanish) -si,  mi…   it was like part of the…   we are either going left or right…   but don’t feel any responsibility it is purely optional…   hes the the kind of person that if he smashed her…   no that’s not what I said…   (bike bell bike bell bike bell)…   oh sh*t…   wahoooo…   I think I got a salad…   just in case they get…   that’s on the wrong avenue…   see I saw the smile on your face…   educate don’t discriminate…   it wasn’t too bad was it…   you are now in the heart of the square…   it might be on both sides…  I am glad I had sole (soul? 🙂 )…   it is literally right here…   wow, Nick Johnas…   its not a secret and I’ll talk to…  wowa wahoo hoo (cat calling by men from the balcony at Pig & Whistle Pub)…   what was that girls name that you usually come with?…   does she like…   he knows that’s a f*cking lie…   hey I am not up on 50th, I’m headed to the bank and then I’ll be at 48th…   and then Vivian called on the way back from class…  brothers or whatever…   shes not going to tell me what the f*ck to do…   I actually like doing it with…   ok they went there like 2 weeks ago…   I don’t know when I happen to…   exactly, so I was like no…   I don’t know…  the past few weeks have been so crappy…   so tomorrow morning I will…   you got a good price on it…   so shut up man…  for next Tuesday…  you just let me know when your going to come round or whatever…   I don’t know if hes still alive…  I’m swinging between 1 & 4.

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