Love Letter To My City By The Bay

music to set the mood:

The love affair with this particular city has a long history.  Throughout my whole life at key times it has drawn me to visit without even trying.  Just recently it was a huge conference that my husband was invited to speak at and where was it held???….San Francisco!  So yet again I find myself here in my city by the bay, but it is the first time I get to share it with the man of my dreams made real.

walk along the backside of warehouses at the warf

One of my first big airplane flights that I remember with utter clarity was at about age 7 or 8 flying into SFO with my Dad and sister seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay clearly on a beautiful sunny morning.  Another time as a young teenager my girlfriend Joelle and I were set loose on our own in China Town where some teenage boys talked us into getting shadow art silhouettes cut for way more $ than they were worth, but throw in the flirting and now it is a priceless, fun memory.

view of city from hotel

Now when I visit while working, we stay at a hotel on Nob Hill where you can see the fog roll in and out over the landscape.  I have spent many hours just sitting with my feet up on the window ledge watching the mist dance with the buildings thinking about my life.   Counting up all the times I have visited San Fran it is probably easily now well over 60 times and each time the city feels new and each time I leave my heart all over again.

heart in Union Square

(Funny fact: in all the times I have visited, I still have never been to tour Alcatraz, not even when my college roommate was a San Fran tour guide and could have taken me for free!  I think it is because I know the city brings me to return again and again and one of the next visits soon it will be the right time I am sure).

If you visit be sure to eat here:

N and I were in at 2:45am and I ordered mashed potatoes and an ice cream sunday.  Magic.

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