So You Think You Can’t?

If you think you can’t, guess what you can’t and most likely won’t.  If you think you can, you can and most likely will find a way.

Limitations are more often than not just thoughts and ideas we have made our truth.  Good example: you need legs to dance beautifully.

Oh, ya? Who says so?

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2 thoughts on “So You Think You Can’t?

  1. As a retired medical engineer who was graced to work with pediatric neuro-muscular conditions, I’d simply like to say “Thank-you.” I’ve had the life pleasure to know many legless dancers.

    • Inspiration to move past ones perceived limitations can come in some of the most challenging, yet grace filled places. Your work sounds as if it was one such gift. Thank you for reading, responding and sharing the view. Continued joy on yOur journey Caimbeul! x.M

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