Out in FULL Sky

I was once flying with a reasonably enlightened pilot who had done many hours hauling cargo in Alaska before building up enough seat time to start flying people around.  He invited me up to the cockpit on a night run from JFK to SEA.  He said in his 25 years of flying he had never seen the Aurora as beautifully as it was showing that night.  I am one of the privileged few on this planet who have seen this dance at 39,000 feet, basically at eye level somewhere not over Kansas anymore (see last post :)).  Incredible view from the office for the past 11 years.  Even our workplaces can be magical.  Living all aspects of our lives on earth can be a stunning adventure when we remember.

The music in this breath taking video is from The Gladiator.  This particular movie soundtrack holds a special place in my heart.  I remain as always the daughter of Elysium.  In my dreams there is always a meeting place there. The phone rings in my head, I pick up. On the other end there is the sound of a deep laugh emanating the joys of true love.  The universe converses with me.  Profound gratitude for that.

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3 thoughts on “Out in FULL Sky

  1. And we persist as we try in vain to create spectacular fireworks displays and digital light shows, which pale in comparison to the beauties found in the cosmos and in nature. Valiant attempts, perhaps, but a little misguided. Look up to the heavens, boys!

    • To a brother who has the courage to look up into those heavens and to see that same sky with his whole heart, how wonderful to find you checking in here with me! Joy on our journey lovely man. – x.M

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