Going To The Birds

The endless capacity for human creativity never ceases to make my heart burst with joy.  Sharing a co-creation with birds results in a tune that reminds this human hearer of the happiness that is ever present when I remember to listen when I see and see when I listen.

The next time you (meaning the precious being who is now reading my words left here just for you to find on this blog in this moment of the flow of your life story …big squeezes from M directly to you by the way 🙂 ) get the chance to go outside, really listen to the sound of what you are seeing.  Listen past all the distraction of man made interference.  How long has it been since you remembered to hear the birds’ songs in what you see?  Even in the cacophony of NYC where I am right now you can hear when you remember to listen with the ear in your heart.


What is the deep listening? Sama is
a greeting from the secret ones inside

the heart, a letter. The branches of
your intelligence grow new leaves in

the wind of this listening. The body
reaches a peace. Rooster sound comes,

reminding you of your love for dawn.
The reed flute and the singer’s lips:

the knack of how spirit breathes into
us becomes as simple and ordinary as

eating and drinking. The dead rise with
the pleasure of listening. If someone

can’t hear a trumpet melody, sprinkle
dirt on his head and declare him dead.

Listen, and feel the beauty of your
separation, the unsayable absence.

There’s a moon inside every human being.
Learn to be companions with it. Give

more of your life to this listening. As
brightness is to time, so you are to

the one who talks to the deep ear in
your chest. I should sell my tongue

and buy a thousand ears when that
one steps near and begins to speak.


More from heart hearer Jaras Agnelli  (should turn on with English cc subtitles):

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