Field Trip

Recently N and I made a field trip to the stunning valley just south of Hood River in Oregon.  Our destination:

Hood River Lavender Farms

 It is nestled on top of a hill between Mt Adams and Mt Hood giving an amazing view out over the valley down to the Columbia River gorge.  It is one of the most beautiful places on earth I think.

Mount Hood to the south







Beloved Mount Adams to the North (where we lived at its base in Trout Lake…will always feel like home)


We went on a fun summer bimble to collect new supplies to dry for the little Lavender scented sachets I make.  I get to combine my love of textiles, doing silk ribbon rose embroidery and adding a wonderful scent to unexpected places.

  • Blue & White stripped sachet
  • favorite Japanese Mokuba Ribbon
  • dried lavender from last year

I make and put these little nose bombs inside pillow cases, in between towels in the linen cupboard, in amidst the La Perla and in my suitcase when I travel.  It is like taking a little bit of the field with me to enjoy again inside, at home and on the road.

I wish through a post like this I could share the hum of the bees heard in the garden and leave these words infused with a whiff of the amazing aroma that permeated the air.

Lavender and rosemary are the signature scents that N and I use in our home.  What do you use in yours?

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2 thoughts on “Field Trip

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  2. Lavender and Rosemary I particularly like myself too. As for concoctions, I’m partial to the odd waft of Patchouli (Pogestomon Cablin), for a woody tone around the place. H. ❤

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