Missing Manhattan

For the past eleven years, other that one summer spent in Europe, I have had the privilege to spend some time mooching around in New York City every month (having a mooch in England means to poke around :)).  This month, for the first time in a long time I will not be spending any time wistfully wandering in NYC.

I will miss a stop at my secret bench in Central Park.  I will miss my hole in the wall tea house and Latin bakery where I get one of the finest dulces, only ever tasting better once in Mexico City.

It is the city for me that gives the clearest examples of all that is best and worst in humanity…shown in what we do to the earth and by what we create and destroy with each other.  It is the city that has been a co-conspirator for some of my greatest adventures and witness to moments of the heaviest of hearts.

second favorite fountain in the city…my secret bench is close by here

This month I am starting all my work trips on the West Coast.  When I finally end in New York, I will immediately be running from one terminal to another to catch a flight to Copenhagen so I can spend a few weeks visiting with my father who lives there half the year.  I am so looking forward to relishing late summertime with Dad in Denmark, picking blackberries and bimbling in the city by bike with my Papa-san).

However, to my Manhattan, this month I am missing you already.

(14th Union Square is the subway stop that I use to do my food shopping at.  The city farmers market, Trader Joes and Whole Foods are all right there.  I have stood many times in that very spot on the platform blissfully enjoying that very fan shown blowing overhead all while enjoying that very man playing his violin!)

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