Cleaning The Closet

I, for whatever reason, feel compelled today to clean the closet by coming out and confessing to a secret love of the mainstream cheese found so readily grilled up by the singer Adele.  She is still so young, and although from the surface level, the sharing of her first broken heart was beautifully done, if I am honest with myself, I do know that she lacks the layers that come from a deeper life perspective. No matter though.  I just think she is stunningly G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S and her voice sublime.

It will be interesting to hear what she has to say when she is my 42 (double that 21 from shares below).  Will she have had that heart broken not only by the one who did not want her, but by the one who was not free to want her, the one who did not remember how to want her and then finally finding that perfect match of imperfections in the one who was her?

As I have a beloved sister who has a thing for Barry Manilow (don’t worry I will not mention which one…secrets are very safe with me), I know I am in good strange company when it comes to bizarre secret loves.  In the quiet and privacy of our own closets, we love what we love and when we do, no justifying or explaining is ever really necessary.

(Ok, well there might also be this thing I have for George Michael….. N, I am sure you are lol-ing your head off right now if you ever reads this)  🙂

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