Subtlety of PROFOUND Poetry at Midnight

Oh my gosh.  Profound words organized by the heart into the hearing of utter art.

Ms Davis,

In my experience normal usually only ever masquerades as discrete. At it’s naked truth underneath, it is most often just fear hiding the wearers inability to feel and share anything real in their world.

Your raw truth is so beautiful that it takes my breath away.  Keep being not normal.  Humanity desperately needs this.

Blessings on Your Amazing Head,


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One thought on “Subtlety of PROFOUND Poetry at Midnight

  1. I really like that. Hard to follow up any sufficient words to put that into perspective, because it already accomplishes what it attempts. The metaphors were expertly interwoven, and curiously mostly done in a matter-of-fact way, perhaps juxtaposing the topic with the method. The sarcasm of “Improved defenses, and a heart less tormented… I would be less likely to be injured when they left it.” And “If I could be more subtle, nobody would know when I was broken.” The language really forces one to be introspective about the subject. She essentially asks, “Do I need to apologize for conveying who I am?” Good life lesson reminder for everyone. Love it… And love that someone has such courage. Glad tidings and endorphins all around…. That’s the power of raw language.

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