Love of an Overcoat & Cleaver

A few people who know me well have asked what is the deal with all the cloak and dagger moves on the blog there M?  Well, in response, I choose to do this because life at times can be a bit complicated and in response anything I can do to simplify, I do.

For those of you who may not know, my husband N is a public figure who purposely puts his voice out into the world sharing our journey of discovery and evolution as human beings on this planet.  When we found each other, N already had a platform doing more publicly what I was doing privately.  When we decided to join our lives together, after discussing it, because of N’s gifts and of what he already had in place, I put my voice and support behind him continuing to be the public face of the information we believe to be imperative to share with the world.  With this decision however, this means that from time to time N has been the focus of and has attracted some interesting attention that has run the gambit from heart warming to comical and then on to what I would describe as obsessive with stoker-esk overtones.

At the end of the day N and I personally have nothing to hide and he is very supportive of my having this outlet to reflect and remind myself with.  However, this current blog format allows for at least some thin surface layers of initial privacy.  Those who want to really dig, hack in and find what they are going to find.  I have lived my life as an open book and fortunately there is no dirt in my closet to worry about and for this I am so grateful.  I have never hidden anything I have ever done from my family and friends.  Any protecting I ever do is because there are others in my life who do not desire to live with such transparency.  I will never tell what does not have direct permission to be shared and will always respect others desire for their privacy.

To any individual who has found their way here to my blog due to wanting to know all they can about my husband N, hello there!  I totally get your desire to discover all you can about him.  I live with him day in and day out and yes, he really is that amazing.  I in no way am upset with you for loving and adoring him….but, I will admonish you to remember the simple complexity that can be the feeling of falling in love with the messenger when it is really about loving the message that they share.

As a little reward for being clever and creative enough to find your way here, I will tell you that yes, N also puts his socks in the hamper, often kisses me spontaneously when I do something daft and he makes a mean egg butty.  He is the real deal and I don’t blame you for falling in love with him, too!  Swoon away.

Cloak & Dagger, Marvel Comics

…And for those of you who are super serious about wanting a piece of N, be my guest and make your play.  I am honestly not joking. There is not one bone of deep jealousy in my body.  I would never want to be or stay in a relationship that could not stand to be tested anyway.  Rock solid couples live with integrity and lovingly rebuff.  Welcome to the granite foundation of the place I call home.  Love is love is love, it is just how it is to be expressed that changes from person to person in our lives.  We all eventually will understand this one day.

**I am happy to share N and his/our voice with the world.  I just ask that you respect our privacy with what you find here on this blog.  Enjoy and contemplate.  In return I ask that you please do not re-post with any personally identifying information or link this blog to any forums / threads specifically about him.  Thank you.  xo.M

Together we take it home.  Yes we do.

(PS if I were a poll dancer, this is the song I would use! Smokingly sexy tune to my ears…let’s get it on back to bed and take me home. :))

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6 thoughts on “Love of an Overcoat & Cleaver

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  3. Erik Andrulis on said:

    Had no idea about this, M. N sounds like a cool cat, despite me having no idea who he is or what he does.

    I understand the need for privacy as much as anyone, but I also found, quite lamentably by necessarily, I must sacrifice my privacy and much more to get out a message of Unity and Truth that I am. Peace on Earth, Ik

    • Meow. 🙂

      We do know you sweet sir, as you howl regularly at the same moon with the call of awakening truth, just using the language dancing closer around the ribo/amio and geniugyres while that part of yourself here is flavored with enviro and ombr/photogyres. (?!?!) Pppppuuuuurrrrrrring curled in the sunshine at your feet do I, for the beauty and clarity of the heart and words of one IK… honoring the courage of a voice that has kept singing despite what I know to (ok maybe should say guess to) have been some bumps in your corner of the adventure.

      Yes, ultimately privacy of anything is an illusion and if one draws to themselves the experience of interacting with our selves in the form of the beingness of a good and true proper nutter, it is a creation that occurs for our good and for our growth (that said in celebration and honoring of what is the sacredness of the journey for all of us… “nutter” and “normal” both born of the same coin the we all are 🙂 ). However, a request to link words found here as words of M is a fair request, still I believe. Mine and his blur as it is two mouths, but one message, but so far it has been a delight to dance with courteousness and respect… ultimately because it is what I create.

      I (meaning I as M) live with pretty good transparency as I strive to understand and experience a place of connection which lovingly kills the feeling of separation and the need for the illusion of it anyway. I am every nutter, but again I do my best to honor the fact that not all who flow into my shared story live from that understanding or desire to share fully from this perspective at the same time.

      On a good day (which is most), I say move along here, move along on seeingM as there is nothing especially special to see in “me” unless it is the birthing of the specialness that is in you in reflection, too.

      IK, you delight. So happy that any words ever found left here in this format have gifted a mind such as your beauty back to me.

      Joy joy joy, -x.M

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