Art In Unexpected Places

One of the great joys of getting out and about on this planet is the opportunity to discover amazing art in unexpected places. In my own space I also often attempt to give nice little surprises not usually found in a home.  What guest expects to be greeted by something of this scale on the back of a bathroom door:

Water Serpents, Gustav Klimt

I love to find similar surprises as I move around in the world.  As another great example of the unexpected, I am pleased to share the angelic sounds from the violin christened “the peacemaker” , as heard at PDX concourse C.  Who expects to hear the sacred sounds of solfeggio frequencies at the airport?

The beautiful story of Jimmy and how peacemaker came to be can be found here:

  • .

Where I had my first introduction to music of this intent some years ago:

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2 thoughts on “Art In Unexpected Places

  1. Scott Huckabay. He inspired me back in 2007.

    • So happy to see your found your way here! I have missed seeing you the last few times I have made my way through PDX. I hope all is well in your world lovely man and that you and peacemaker have had a fruitful summer. Cheap tickets to NY still on the table when you are ready for them. -x.M

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