Taste, Touch, See, Smell, Hear or Not?

Just a few things to contemplate on this fine Saturday summer morning.

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2 thoughts on “Taste, Touch, See, Smell, Hear or Not?

  1. That’s very trippy, M. “You are not inside the room, but the room is inside of you…” I love it.

    It’s interesting to consider that the way one person experiences the vision or sound of something may be fundamentally different from another. We seem to have accepted this with taste, but we otherwise assume that except for those who are “color blind”, everyone else pretty much sees the same red that I see, the same blue, the same yellow. However, there’s no way to test this or verify it without getting inside their perception, which we are currently unable to do. As a result, there is no real red, or blue, etc. The is no such thing as an absolute red, because it’s all relative. Just different versions recognizing something expressing what appears to be a similar pattern. Fascinating stuff. Indeed, my “up” could be your “down” too.

    And alas, how do we know that we’re not dreaming a dream? We don’t. While in deep sleep in a dream, everything is just as real then as it is after we awake out of it. For all we know, each time we awaken, we’re starting a new existence or a whole other dream.

    And the idea that the brain is also an illusion… that’s…. wow. Very cool, actually. Such an exciting and wonderfully mysterious existence! It’s like a glorious puzzle to unravel, and then every time you start to, more pieces get added. There are no edge pieces, by the way, and no shortcuts to “solving” it. It’s just great to experience putting it together.

    I love these added perspectives because it causes you to focus more on the important things, and to filter out so much of the mundane that drags people down and keeps them in ruts. Here’s to further enlightenment through exploring ourselves…

  2. Just as an interesting aside, the other day I was lying down and for whatever reason I had placed my hand lengthwise from forehead to chin in front of my nose cutting my face in half (I very rarely have a headache so to prevent one I felt was coming, I was massaging my forehead and space between my eyes as I felt pressure there). What was interesting to note was that this separated my line of sight. Doing this made a division line and break right down the middle and I noticed that my eyes were seeing the colors in the room in sightly different shades at that moment! It was trippy and wonderful at the same time. Which eye was right?!

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