Joy of Illegal Things

Right now as I sit and type this I should be in Aruba.  Now as exotic and exciting as that sounds, it was a trip that was scheduled today for work.  Oh, the massive glamor of international travel, right?!  Well, in all honesty I have been to that particular island well over 100 times now…but not once have I ever been out of the airport!  I have only ever gone there for work.

Although I can fly anywhere almost any time I want, an interesting aspect of my work is that with all the lovely time off that I do get, the last thing I usually want to do with it is to go anywhere near an airplane or an airport.  If you ask most flight attendants where they would LOVE to vacation, most will tell you how exotic and WONDERFUL it is to hold still and stay at home :).

the Divi Divi tree which is national symbol of Aruba

So yesterday after working an 18 hour day which involved going from New York City to San Diego and back to New York City (we had a 3 hour delay due to a mechanical issue with an aircraft), this left me without enough hours of required rest to work my trip today.  In the airline industry this is what is known as “going illegal”.

I fly for a really good company that does the right thing and honestly cares about their employees.  So today I get paid for the Aruba trip that I could not work and I get to sit on call here in NYC.  This means that unexpectedly with cell phone in hand, there was time for a run to my own personal version of Disneyland here in the city to get some last minute trimmings for a few gifts that are going across the pond to Denmark with me tomorrow.


From my current perch as the gal who got the get of jail free card today, I share the view from my quick run to the flower district in NYC.  Stunning walls full of ribbon definitely beat out Aruba in my book today.  But the view that was missed:

  • .

Per FAA regulations, as a good flight attendant, I am required by law to remind you that the use of any electronic device under 10000 feet is illegal and strictly prohibited.  (lol)

  • .

Here is to a day filled with the love of all good illegal things.

  • .

PS…I often fly into St Maarten, too and yes it is that fun and that beautiful as well:

PSS…After originally accidentally using a copyrighted image here on this post, I have serendipitously discovered a wonderful photographer named Tom Mackie.  On his website he offers the electronic use of his stunning work as well as creation of posters using his pictures.  If there is a bare wall in your home that could use a spot of beauty, please consider supporting him with a purchase.  He and his work can be found here:

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5 thoughts on “Joy of Illegal Things

  1. Dear M,

    It’s ironic to read your blog entitled “Joy of Illegal Things” when you have illegally used my image of the divi divi tree to illustrate it. All of my work is copyrighted and not free to use just because you found it on the web to use as you like. You can either pay for a license to use it or remove it from your blog.

    • Dear Tom,

      I am truly sorry for using a copyrighted image. At this moment I can’t even remember where I found it on the internet. I have just enough skill to cobble together this blog. My techno-phobia keeps me from being proficient. When I find a picture that requests to be acknowledged I always do list the source or link. I have immediately removed your image.

      Your eye through the camera is sublime and I understand the desire to make a living from it’s use. You have inspired me to get off the plane soon and take my own pictures to use. I wish you much success in your documenting of your experience with the world.

      Joy on your journeys using the gifts of your eye,

      SeeingM, life through the eye of M

  2. Dear M,

    Apparently you have not learned anything regarding copyright laws. The image that you are currently using on your site belongs to me. I am the copyright owner and you have not received permission from me or my stock agency. Please go to my stock agency website and legally purchase the photo. Enough is enough.

    The photo can be purchased at and is recorded under photo number BNK7DK.

  3. Dear M,

    I sincerely apologize! I was wrong. My stock agency has informed me that you did legally purchase the usage rights to my photograph. Once again, I apologize.

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