Af Kærlighed Til Hyggelig (for the love of…)

I love how language shapes our understanding of reality.  In Danish there is a word “hyggelig” that has no direct translation into English.

(for pronunciation: )

If I were to attempt to define this word for you here I must use many in return to capture it’s meaning including:

  • ambiance
  • coziness
  • shared expression
  • enveloping and cocooning with warmth
  • pleasant atmosphere
  • comfortable beauty
  • often including the sharing delicious food & conversation in a glowing space

This Danish word gives such a nice description for the surface way of life that I seek to create and share.  It is also the word that for me best describes the life flow as I experience it with the Danes when I am in Danmark.  It captures the heart of what it is to live in Kobenhavn.

Things I dearly love about being with my Dad in Danmark:

          wienerbrød (Viennese bread)  with Dad & daughter’s Danish hands          -this is the root of why excellent flaky pastry in the USA is often called a “danish”

Everyone bikes EVERYWHERE:

Smørrebrød (open face sandwiches):

my favorite type is marinerede sild on rugbrød (pickled herring on rye bread):

Royal Copenhagen China:

I have finally treated myself to a few pieces for use at tea time with N back home.  That I got them with my Dad on a hunt by bike in the city making memories along the way will make me smile and think of him whenever I use them.

…Fun factoid: with Royal Copenhagen you should always place the dishes so that the stem of the flower in the center is pointed toward the heart of the person eating from them!

Down to earth Danish royalty:

Paper that is elevated to art: Danish Kroner (money)

Kommune haven sommerhus (garden cottage communities):

Allotment gardens with little cottages on them where urban apartment dwellers can have access to the land with their own patch of earth to grow flowers, veggies and to keep in touch with nature.

The fact that Danes view their windowsills as places to share little vignettes …most apartments have flowers or something colorful displayed as art silhouetted against the amazing northern light:

  • Jeg elsker at tilbringe tid i Danmark.
  • (I love spending time in Denmark.)
  • Det er den saftig liv.
  • (It is the luscious life.)
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