In Love, Beloved Woman in White

Peder Severin Krøyer, Danish artist 1851-1909 –Summer Evening at Skagen Beach

The Eternal Three
There are two men in the world, who
Are crossing my path I see,
And the one is the man I love,
The other’s in love with me.

And one exists in the nightly dreams
Of my somber soul evermore,
The other stands at the door of my heart
But I will not open the door.

And one once gave me a vernal breath
Of happiness squandered — alack!
The other gave me his whole, long life
And got never an hour back.

And one lives hot in the song of my blood
Where love is pure, unbound –
The other is one with the humdrum day
Where all our dreams are drowned.

Between these two every woman stands,
In love, beloved, and white –
And once every hundred years it happens
That both in one unite.

-Tove Ditlevsen
(translated from the Danish by Martin S. Allwood)

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For the first time in a very long time (a hundred years, anyone?!) I feel the heart tug far from home.  I joyfully realize that I stand with my one as that woman in white.

Copenhagen beach today:

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The only thing missing in Danmark is N.

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One thought on “In Love, Beloved Woman in White

  1. I loved that poem, Mare! ♥

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