V is for…The Stunning Beauty of Brené

One of the ways I believe that the universe secretly reveals itself and gives support to let us know that we are on the right track and are exactly where we are meant to be in our own lives is through the occurrence of synchronicity.  It is like repeatedly having the black cat in the matrix moments where “random” themes, people, items etc., appear over and over and over so that we pay attention and actually living life cannot be missed.  Recently I had this experience in spades with synchronicity after synchronicity related to this beautiful woman named Brené.

In many ways the whole purpose of this blog is to share some of the deep wisdom I have gained through living and observing my life.  N interviewed me in summary about this wisdom for a friend’s podcast before we were married as we were sitting in a hotel lobby in Bristol, England getting to know each other.  As I am not able to link that interview here, I finally can do the next best thing.

I am so happy to share a rare gem I just “discovered” in the form of one Ms. Brené Brown.  I learned of her and her work while listening to the preloaded audio of TED talks on the plane radio during my flight over to Denmark last week.  Hearing her voice, it was like listening to myself as she summarized the same hard won life wisdom that I shared in that first interview with N.

V is for the victory we attain when we embrace the potential for the voluptuousness of living with complete vulnerability in our lives.  It is for the peace we find as we live deeply, authentically.  Yes, her talk is 20 minutes long, but out of the 41,235,264 minutes that the average human being lives, these 20 contain information that can actually be used to completely and utterly change your life forever.  Living them all these 22,411,261 minutes of my life so far, it has radically empowered mine.

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2 thoughts on “V is for…The Stunning Beauty of Brené

  1. I’ve long been a fan of Brene. She has other TED talks, and you can also stuff yourself on her blog. Glad you found her! ♥

  2. Does not surprise me in the least that you know of this gem, Blue SA (-skies above)! This is the woman I would have loved to become when I grew up if I had stayed with social work and in academia. However, not once have I regretted jumping ship all those years ago to take to the skies with you my precious Jewels! That she is out there writing and sharing makes this sky goddesses’ heart ecstatically happy.

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