Into The Void, Looking at The Ego

Get to the best quality speakers or headphones you own before listening and then turn this one way up:

          The slight distortion on the bass recurring back beat makes me drool!          I love this song.

As I read back over my post of yesterday related to 9/11 I realized that I want to clarify the reasoning of the why behind some of what I shared.  I did not share personal details of my story with the goal of saying look at me…how important or involved and exclusive my experiences were.  No.

The main reason I shared as I did was to give some background and explain why it is that I have always taken the events of that day and those days that followed more personally than many of the people I have found around me.  I wanted to give a platform for why I have been willing to suspend judgement and look at many differing ideas and theories about what actually occurred.  It was an event that because it touched me closely, deeply and by doing so in such a personal way, I was left feeling the strong responsibility to do all I can to understand just what occurred that day…and then to not be afraid of the implications to the bigger picture.

As I write on this blog, I do realized that there is an ego of M that is alive and kicking, but on my good days it really does not motivate and inform most of what and why I do what I do.

In the tradition I was raised in, I was taught that one must lo0se themselves to find themselves and to “die” daily.  For me this is about working at finding who “I” am, then letting the idea that that is what I am go so that I can create room in myself to expand past my current understanding…try to find myself and then letting that self slip away.

In Buddhism they talk about this as the concept that when you find the Buddha on the road you should kill the Buddha.  Because once you think you know that level of awakening and have arrived at the final destination, you limit your ability to realize, know and travel more.

So here is to sending that fuzzy and unadorned M into the ever expanding void a little bit more each day.

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