Make Hay While The Sun Shines

My stepsister Samina treated me to the best food when I visited with her in Copenhagen.  She is a sublime cook who uses all organic ingredients and often all vegetarian recipes in her meal planning.  For dinner in her home she made me the most delicious quinoa with sauteed onions and zucchini with steamed kale. She even noted that the toothpaste I use has fennel in it so for teatime she just steeped the greens from a head of stalks making a luscious light black licorice scented drink.  It was one of the freshest and most delicious meals I had put into my mouth in a long time.

Now back home, I found I wanted to share Samina’s culinary experience with N.  I have to jump on cooking while I am inspired to do so as the mood does not strike often so tonight I made hay while the sun shined.

Here are the results:

With tea, we had the addition of yummy Digestives (a British tea biscuit that N misses and I found in a Danish grocery as a treat to bring home for him!).  All around it was almost as good as my sister Samina’s made with Danish love at home in America.

I did not have any particular recipes to follow.  I soaked the quinoa overnight, then boiled 2 to 1 it in vegetable stalk adding a caramelized onion when it was al dente.  The zucchini was fried with an onion in basil pesto oil and then I added a bit of vegtable stalk right before the kale at the end to help wilt it.  I included a side salad of spinach and tomato.  Meal #2 shared from the kitchen of M.  It was lækker! (delicious)

To Samina, tak til middag.  Jeg ser frem til at besøge med dig i Danmark igen!


Excellent tunes to cook and dine by:

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