Magic of Marga #2

How easy but painful – living vicariously…No, please,
your own eyes, your own toes, your own breath
one step
one trip
one sleep
one sip
each at once and after, again.
Blind often
we are in each beat
to the perfection,
no matter how chaotic,
of a rumpled bed
a makeup filled counter
dirty dishes
writhing piles of laundry
Dust accumulates faster than can be cleared
fresh turns sour
mold grows
mascara smears.
Who can see the transcendence of dishevelment?
This morning:
a fine cup of tea in a deconstructing house.


This is the magic of my stunning friend Marga as emailed to me on a random morning while I was out on the road.  Anyone who knows her is blessed to have her in their life!  She lives, teaches, dreams and makes it (them) real currently near the beautiful beaches of South Carolina.

As a commitment to share my real as well, this was the state of my desk this morning when I opened it to sit down to write this post:

This spill out is the result of gathering everything that was floating around the house before I last left for work and Denmark.  I shoved it all in here and shut the lid so N would not have to deal with my stray things on counters and in corners while I was gone.  I also have a dressing tree in an area of our bedroom that often morphs into what N comically refers to as my “floordrobe”. It is my beautiful chaotic truth some days, too.

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