Loving Reads -from Lexi D. & Dr. Beers

I am really not one to dwell on the past, but recently in conversation someone asked me about some of the core ah- ha books that changed my life.  When I really dig back I found two gems waiting for me from the earliest days of the 1990’s (so hard to believe that was TWENTY years ago now):

Alexandria Stoddard’s books were introduced as a gift to me from the beloved Lexi D.  This wonderful woman was the mother and heart holder of my early twenties.  She had carved out a space for remembering herself in her own home as she still gracefully took on the roles of wife, mother and grandmother as well.  I delight in remembering the days that she was a role model in my life as I made my first steps in creating my own first home with her precious son.

Anthony De Mello was gifted to me from a personal library liberally shared with me by Dr. D. Beers, the University of Chicago Cultural Anthropologist that I worked for during my graduate school days.  He was an inspired professor with a heart of gold.  He gave me complete and unfettered access to his library and encouraged me to read and read and read some more while his qualitative research grants were attended too.  It was with this Anthony De Mello book that I first started to contemplate that there were deeply different ways of looking at the world and living in it than I currently had experienced.

Offered here, these are basic entry level tomes that are light years away from my home address now, but to anyone out there who is interested in the beginning steps of wanting to change what they find right in front of them, these two were gems for me.

What books inspired the younger you?

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