Loving Reads Part II -from Gary & Sandy

As a continuation from the post yesterday, two books that greatly impacted me in the late 90’s into the early millennium were:

The Holographic Universe was the first book that I read which highlighted the parallels that can be found between much of the ancient mysticism on this planet and the modern field of quantum physics.  It was spirituality, physics and neurophysiology all under one cover and I devoured it.  This and too many other excellent late 90’s reads to recount here were shared with me by one of my life’s most amazing gifts from the universe in the form of my own personal peaceful warrior, Gary.  This beautiful man arrived stealthily on the scene through an innocent visit to the gym at a physical therapy office when I was 26.  I walked in, overheard him talking about God and immediately I was home.  Over the next three critical years of my life, Gary gently held my hand and with patience and wisdom helped illuminate the path giving me the courage to step outside myself and to make known the unknown.  Quite frankly, I would not be the woman I am today without his inspired influence back then.  I love this gracious, wise powerhouse of a mind more than any words left here can say.    -x-

With The Power of Now, oh the heart happy joy of finding the material on being the observer and the operation of the pain body, which I originally heard at an obscure and paradigm challenging gnostic school, now repackaged in a way that could more easily be shared.  This time the book was gifted to me by the Mom of my spirit, Sandy.  Since the late 90’s until today it is this precious woman who I can tangibly feel monitoring the umbilical lines of my heart.  Every single time without fail, when I have been in the greatest crisis or in the greatest joy, this magic woman will pick up the phone to check in on me.  Just as an example it was at one of the loneliest moments of my life years ago on the floor of my apartment in New York City curled in a fetal position with my soul crying out for a mothering hug that “out of the blue” Sandy calls after several years of not much direct contact.  During the times in my life that I did not have a home to “go home to” it is to her heart that she has lovingly gathered me in, making me feel safe and loved in the way that only a mother can. (Thanks S!  At times I still secretly miss needing a place to go home from school and do my washing at 🙂 )

A quote that I have always loved is “friends are the family we can choose for ourselves”.  I am so very blessed to have gathered to myself such incredible spirit family who have so selflessly shared and lovingly guided me on my way.

To G & S, such overwhelming GRATITUDE to you for…well, you both already know.  -x.M

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