M is for Music, the Flower Fairy & Making it Shaggy

I am flying at the moment without much time on the ground, but I just received an email from a friend asking me about the music that I like.  This got me thinking.  And thinking.  And thinking.

I am an eclectic hot mess when it comes to the music I listen to and what my favorites are.  I love Radiohead to Ravel and every thing in between.  It is hard to pin it down.  It goes from high brow to street.

Speaking of street…in fact the best jazz I have ever heard was played by a group of musicians out on the Strøget in Copenhagen (it is the main walking only shopping street in the city) heard when I was 17.  I must confess however, I think the reason I remember it so clearly was it was also the same day that the Italian Navy came into dock at the Nyhavn port and the first time I was ever in Copenhagen.  Ooo la la.  As the girl in Jr high school who had her first kiss on the road out in front of her house from the high school boy with the last name of Valentini, love of the street, of jazz and many things tall dark and Italian fill the annuals of days gone by :).  But, lest I divert too far off track here…(lol)

My all time favorite music in general from the street however, has got to be from the artist Dubfx.  That he calls his girlfriend his “little flower fairy” makes my heart happy.  That every sound you hear in this song comes from his voice and mouth is AMAZING.  So, for one of my favorites I quickly offer the following:

“See the world bloom standing on a sea cliff howling at the moon”.

“Rearrange the way we appreciate the world today”.

“The music is at a place not far away”.

“My role is small, but I make it shaggy”.    (definition per urban dictionary entry #5: a very laid back person that is usually down for anything at any time)

“In this concrete jungle we live, our survival is love that we give”.

“The world is YOUR chance to create”!!!

I love this guy and just like Dub, I like my music so very varied and I adore making it shaggy!

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(Thanks R for getting me thinking musically tonight!)

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