Diving Deeper

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The music of the moment that I just can’t get enough of is from the album Dive by Tycho.  Although my favorite track, Elegy, reminds me of the groove one gets into on a road trip heading on an open stretch with the windows down letting in the breeze, the living diving deeper vibe of the whole album is just positively sublime.

the picture & texture Elegy conjures for me

Overall, Dive makes me think about the times in my life I have spent living near and being in the sacred ocean cathedral on our planet.  A friend I fly with many years ago gifted me the opportunity to actually learn to scuba dive.  She is a master instructor and has dived all over the world.  I got my open water scuba certification with her in the Bahamas.  The water was bathtub warm and the diving amazing.  I never will forget getting my buoyancy just right for the first time and then feeling seemingly weightless, swimming off over the edge of the seeming safety of the bank / shelf and looking down down down into the dark abyss of the deep ocean below. 

Bahama Archipelago -I often get to see this view when flying to AUA or BGI

Ocean diving is amazing and for me brought into felt experience the full truth of my understanding that “God” is always just waiting for us to remember on the other side of each breath we take.  It was one of the truly ah-ha spiritual experiences of my life.

Just as a fun aside, although I have been to the Cancun, Mexico area many times on vacation (always heading about 3 hours south to Lake Bacalar on the boarder with Belize…many moons ago almost bought land there with my father and one of my best friends, V who grew up in Mexico, but again that is a whole other story…one that lead to my life threatening kidney infection all those years ago…see Ode to Isis post) I have never dived there.  My next ocean scuba dive spot will definitely actually be in Cancun at this underwater sculpture museum and you can bet that Dive & Tycho on the mp3 player will be going with me.

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Tycho Album Dive- track Dive:

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If you ever end up visiting be sure to get south of Cancun (if you stay there you might as well be in Miami!) and stay at Manatee in the Moon right on the Lake.  It is off the grid and it is MAGIC:!home/mainPage ).

Manatee in the Moon with her magic dockLake Bacalar -the lake of 7 blues

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