Allocation of Resources or Where the Dough Goes

It is interesting to think about the way that each person on this planet chooses to allocate their physical resources.  For me, if there is something that I am going to use and touch day in and day out, this gives weight to the priority of how much of my resources I am willing to put towards the acquisition of the item.

Another great tool I have learned to use for weeding out the things that are truly not important is to ask myself how many hours of my life does it take in trade for time spent working to get the money needed to obtain an object?  You see for me, time is the most precious resource that I have.  Money comes and money goes, but time only goes.  These days there are not as many things that I am willing to trade my time for money to acquire.

Also, another thing that I have learned by trial and error over the years is that when there is something that I think I want, it is much better to save up and get the best quality object that I can afford.  Get what is well made, thoughtfully crafted and what will last.  By doing this I end up with items that I truly love, will be able to use longer and that I can treasure just that bit more as I have made an effort to save up, seek out and obtain quality.  I also do this as I believe that all items hold an energetic resonance of the process of their creation. Questions I will ask myself:

  • Was time and thought put into making an item?
  • Is it useful and beautiful at the same time?
  • Is there a touch of the creator in the creation?
  • Will this item be used often and in an earth friendly way?

For me it has always come down to something that can be illustrated in the simple difference of sitting down to a meal served on paper plates or porcelain using a paper towel or a cloth napkin to do the finger clean up.  The food can be exactly the same, but the details change the experience.  If it was worth making the food, isn’t it also worth making the experience as nice as one can?

At this stage of our lives, N and I have made choices that have taken us to a place where our living space and the objects we surround ourselves with are few and rather humble by the world’s standards.  However, this means we do not have to put as much time and energy into their maintenance. The trade off for this is immense freedom of our time to enjoy those things we do physically have with lots of time also left to focus on inner acquisition without as much external distraction as well.

Now this does not mean that I spend all my time meditating and reading spiritual texts. 🙂  I do go back out into the marketplace to track down items for everyday use, but when I do for the most part, I make sure they are little works of art to use in life as a reminder of conscious creation in the motion of living.

beautiful blues of lake and sky


The latest treasures that have made their way home with me in a conscious way:

          Middle Kingdom Porcelain Hermit bowls  -of which I chose the                shade of glaze called MOUNTAIN LAKE.

Today a simple handmade colored bowl turned a humble cucumber, tomato and some defrosted shrimp into a meal fit for celebration.  The rough edge left on the bowl makes my hand happy each time I touch it.  That each potter leaves their personal mark makes my eye connect to the artist.  In the shop the bowls reminded me of the shade of beloved blue that dots my home in paintings and a chair already…a color that places my heart in a bit of water and sky brought down to earth.

Four and a half hours of my life where traded for what now sits on the kitchen counter, however as I need to eat everyday, these bowls will provide hours of enjoyment as I care take my rental car.  Conscious consumption is a good thing today.

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