Stinking Pretty

When my teenage niece was a little tot, she once came up to me and said “Aunt Mim, you stink pretty”.  Out of the mouth of babes often come the very best new observations of the world which also promote wonderful belly laughs.

Just recently however I suffered a funny consumption faux pas related to smell.  In my quest to combat, if not prevent the air hostesses bane of existence other wise known as scaly skin, I purchased the following:

I am a sucker at times for creative and beautiful packaging and I must confess that this product swallowed me right in.  Upon turning up wearing it at home for the first time however, my husband very tactfully asked me why the odor of burnt manure was emanating from my person.  Strike one against this product.

Next, in order to not offend the nose that shares my home, I tactfully placed the hand cream in my inflight working bag to use while in NYC and on the plane.  Upon it’s first use mid-flight, a colleague later came into the galley and asked if I could also smell the sudden scent of mold permeating my area of the cabin.  Strike two against this product.

So in a last ditch effort to have the $22 + tax that this little adventure cost me not go to waste, I decided to just use the product to help moisturize my feet so back into the drawer of my beside table it went.  I figured under sock and in shoe that the smell would be contained.  In short, the outcome was a fragrant disaster.  Even the normally friendly dog riding down on the elevator of our building would not come near me and avoided my hand when offered for a smell and pet.

N finally demanded I give him the tube.  Later on the way to the parking lot he did a slam dunk with the offending article into the dumpster at the side of our building.  My only hope now is that a homeless person does not do a dive and decide they have discovered a chafe preventing treasure.

Score for Excess packaging winning over common sense: 1   Score for Auntie M stinking pretty today: 0.



And from the company:  “Not for the faint of heart, fragrance to pique your curiosity.”  … and yes it is a fatale of sorts. I definitely agree.

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