On The Breeze

I am absolutely convinced that there is a human equivalent of this process.  The experiences and players are unique to each person, but the fundamental underlying frame work and evolutionary steps are the same for us all.

2012 has been and is all about the amplification of need and compression of time for moving between stages.  This looks differently for each person depending on where we are each individually at.

One uses life with the choices we make to earn a working proboscis.  The universe stands ready with endless nectar.  We must remember the ability to access it.  We are all worthy of it. Some of us just forget and by doing so become endless milk weed consumers or avoiding cocooners or we even become our own predictors devouring ourselves while the chrysalis is still soft or wings still wet.

Here is to the courage of those who are fearlessly forging forward despite all.  I am excited to see what is coming on the breeze in 2013.  I have a feeling there will be many parties in the sky.

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