Laughing Out Loud

Our friend David sent this to N and I this morning.  I have not laughed so hard in a long time.

Humor while facing the future is the ultimate gifter of balance in the spiritual arsenal.  I have often said that the only time I know something needs to change is when I can’t laugh.  In those moments I have gotten lost and am dreaming within the dream.

I am so looking forward to Friday…and then Saturday and Sunday and the rest of my years immersed here in this Earth adventure.

To my sweet D, precious mirth was had this morning.  No greater gift can be given.  Squeezes to you.

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3 thoughts on “Laughing Out Loud

  1. Just enough time to get the bikini out of winter storage!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    The above statement makes a common English mistake. “Our friend, David, sent this to N and (not I) me.” Remember to use the words “I” and “me” as subject and object, respectively: Go to the store with “me”….but….”I” go to the store. Hope this helps because even the Cali Housewives change “me” to “I” while trying to sound educated but end up sounding like bums who don’t really know the English language.

    • A sincere thank you for the correction point out. I have several adored Virgoans in my life who have small moments requiring calming breathing exercises when they read this blog for that very reason. Long ago I let go of feeling pressure to remember and apply all the rules for grammar, correct punctuation, sentence structure, etc when writing. And Oy Vey!… not to mention that creative spelling! I am an editors nightmare :). I pay attention and get it write 🙂 😉 sometimes and other times, not.

      May I refer you to the post AEIOU and Sometimes Q -? of August 10, 2012 for additional thoughts related to all this.

      During my first lecture teaching at the university I had a small panic attack at the chalk board the first time I realized that I needed to write a brainstorming note for the class using a word I could not spell…the cat was coming out of the bag… the teacher was not the preposition or is that pronoun? or should it be dangling participle? user to perfection that she USE to think intelligent people ought to be. lol Interesting to contemplate the measuring sticks we use to gauge intelligence.

      I am happy to report now, after years practicing the complete perfection of my imperfections, I am 100% comfortable being the bum that is I (so stated with a light heart and smile sent your way).

      I appreciate your readership and taking the time to respond. Joy on your journey Anon.


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