Swimming in the Garden

Just a few days ago I was speaking with N about my current challenges related to experiencing impatience for all that I know is coming and catching up into the actual experience of our external now during 2013.  In recent years, I have experienced a heightened ability to sense the growth of roots from future events peculating below the surface now.  It is a quiet, sniff of a knowingness way before any activity is externally experience-able and deletable in my life.

As wonderful as this peek into the future can be, it does present some unique challenges to then being fully present in the now.  When meeting N for the first time for example, it was like having been hit by a mack truck where my conscious awareness was smeared across access to our future calendar together as I stood in a field in England saying hello to the man I had never met face to face before, but knew would be my husband.  How do you then socially and appropriately interact in that moment?   He and I deep belly laughed…alot.  We still do.

The Chinese have a word for these types of relationships and experiences we encounter in our lives they call “yuanfen”.  This word is used to describe the state of knowingness in a moment of fate and destiny.  For me this perfectly describes what it is to stand physically looking at just the tip of the iceberg while all the while ones heart and soul is swimming in the clear water depths knowing of all that lies beneath… all that is coming.

Recently another magic blogger has fruitfully stepped into the garden of my life gifting me another beautiful reminder of this:

(what a wonderful sync to find her visiting my current view “coincidentally” just after I finished watching this a few days ago:

I have been treating myself to watching the 10 part series over the holidays).

She beautifully describes what it is to live planting seeds with intent for experience under the surface and then remembering to just let go and tend to the current garden that is already available to view and actually in bloom in our external life.

This is the art of managing the experience of fate and destiny that requires loosening our grip on expected outcome and growth in specificity on the wheel of time.  For me personally, it is what it is to operate ones life from a more practical and working understanding of the concept of faith.  It is done by living remembering to embrace the now while also allowing room for what the future already holds coming up into view right on time.  It is swimming deep in the garden of our lives while remembering that by design we only consciously see a fraction of what is actually going on at first.  When we desire the deep dive into the soil, earning the ability to access more, on to mastering impatience we must go :).


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6 thoughts on “Swimming in the Garden

  1. Delighting in the moment, while sensing through you the sprouting to come. Thank you for the transport to the Taj Mahal today. The great imaginings of the past natural glory of this land is a perfect metaphor for one year to the next, and so much more. XX!

  2. Thank you for this M! ‘Yuanfen’ was a word I did not know before – but have had the very same experience you described 🙂 Beautiful! And thank you for reposting my article 🙂



  3. Spectacular Sangeeta,

    Far down on the list of words I would use to describe myself is found this idea of “being American”. However, we are to a certain extent all initially shaped by the traditions rooted in locations that we find ourselves born to.

    So for me, although makes me laugh a bit to do this, I will dig into my cultural heritage (such that the mere blip on the time line of human experience the USA provides) and will share in return from the lyrics of a song played in my childhood at a ride created by Walt Disney at the Disneyland Amusement Park in the State of California in the USA (right now really being reminded in my world that life is like an amusement ride 🙂 ):

    It’s a world of laughter, a world or tears
    Its a world of hopes, its a world of fears
    Theres so much that we share
    That its time we’re aware
    Its a small world after all

    its a small world after all
    its a small world after all
    its a small world after all
    its a small, small world

    There is just one moon and one golden sun
    And a smile means friendship to everyone.
    Though the mountains divide
    And the oceans are wide
    It’s a small small world

    I am marveling still at how this medium of blogging can make the big world of individual experience so small and easily shared… showing just how much the same we are at the core of our massive, large diversified and detailed stories.

    I have yet to have the opportunity to travel in the incredible country that is known as India on the map. (My turn is coming I am sure). However, I feel one step closer to our home as I now know currently there is an aloe and chilli plant cohabiting and demonstrating the miracle of self determined growth in the same pot in your story. Knowing this somehow I feel I am one step closer to understanding…well let’s just say the view comes even more into focus as it is shared also through eyes that are yours.

    Thank you for doing the work, taking the time to share your world and in return to read and to respond here in mine! My home garden plot is now smaller (in the best ways) and soil richer for it.

    May you find deep joy on yOur journey,

  4. Thank you so much M 🙂 I don’t know how I missed your reply until now.

    It is indeed a small world after all and I look forward to seeing more through your perspectives as well.

    Deep joy and wonderment on Our way 🙂

  5. No worries. It has been my experience that we find the things that are for us always right on time. It gives my heart great pleasure to know that one such as you is out there remembering, anchoring and sharing from your corner of our globe.

    It is so fun to see resonance in action as we are connecting with each other.


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