Floating Away

Nothing melts the winter blahs like taking a long, to the bone warming, hot bath.

I currently have a 1960’s sky blue bath tub in the space I call home.  It makes me smile each time I contemplate taking a soak in it.  Now all I need is for someone to scrub it and draw one for me. (We shall see how long it takes for N to read this new post 🙂 ) …with bubbles, please.

Float away the beautiful blues.

bath beautiful

VIA CON ME (away with me)

Away away, get away with me
Nothing more binds you to these places anymore
Not even these blue flowers
Away away, not even this grey time
So full of music and of men you liked
Away away, come away with me
Enter this dark love, and don’t get lost for God’s sake
Away away, for God’s sake don’t miss the variety show
Of someone who is in love with you
Away away, come away with me
Enter this dark love full of men
Away away, come inside and take a hot bath
There’s a sky blue robe, it’s raining outside,

It’s a cold world (but not with me).

It’s wonderful I dream of you.


photo credit to 

Thank you Andrea.  You show the beauties that we are.

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One thought on “Floating Away

  1. Paolo was our send off this morning of back to school – thank you! Hope the soak was divine 🙂

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