Let Them Eat Cake

N and I are going through a really interesting patch of funny sleeping patterns.  In true bohemian style, there have been various all nighters and pillows then still found with heads floating on them long after noon.

Last night in particular, after a 2am Skype session with my father in Denmark, off for the joy of a 3:33am pancake run we went.

New on the radar is a 24hr stop we just discovered in Tigard:

It is the quintessential American style all night diner and coffee shop.  To my delight and wonderment what greets one as you walk in the door, but one of those old time refrigerated turning desert displays.  After being positioned so that I got to watch the offerings go round and round behind N’s head during the meal, one just had to be ordered.

Bannings display of deliciousness

I picked the carrot cake.  A thick cream cheese frosting with no raisins (the only way to truly roll) large slab of bliss arrived at the table… and OH MY GOSH!  Heaven.  It was so large that half of it still made it home in a to go box.

So today as N caught up on more needed sleep than I seemed to require, this little doggie bag yum-let called to me all morning long from the refrigerator.  But I did not cave to the call of the cake and instead I sat in the sunshine productively distracting myself by writing a letter to a friend.  I am happy to say that I resisted the temptation to inhale and this little bit of heaven did not come out until just now so I could share it with the newly awakened N.

My reward for waiting?  A husband who understands that true love can be demonstrated using eggs and sugar and cream… that saying I love you can happen in waiting to share.  Today it was love for the man, but in the form of consumption.  With N I have the cake and get to eat it, too. 🙂

love in the form of cake

Spontaneous runs for pancakes at o’dark in the middle of the night can make for some of the best love stories ever.  Next time you find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night, don’t count sheep.  Wake the ones you love, head out with the vampires and feed them cake.

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