The Power of Phoning Home

When I sit to write something down here on this blog it is interesting to think about where the motivation to do so is coming from.  What is my intent?  Who is the intended audience?  As this particular format is accessible in a “public” external domain, really to anyone on the earth who has access to the internet, it is interesting to think about who will actually end up finding this post.  Who will read these words?  Well, if you are reading them, this was written for YOU!  Hi there.

In this moment that I am I typing, I directly get to link to you now as you are reading.  In your now, wherever and whenever you are as you read this, a big NAMASTE to you is left right here: ___x___.

We have just participated in creating a really cool time traveling experience.  My now as I type this into your now as you read.  Does this mean that there really only ever is now?  I think so.

This format of experiencing  is a really interesting external imitation of what ultimately I believe is actually human biological technology.  By that I mean a human sensory ability for communicating just like seeing or touching, that for whatever reasons, human beings have for the most part forgotten that we have.  It is a deep and profound ability to connect with each other instantaneously without the limitation of space or time.  No external objects or constructs needed.

human internet

So here on this post today, I share the current view and a bit of understanding from my inner screen of unique imagination as we all map together the remembering of what is possible.

And if anyone out there reading these words remembers more specific details of how to access/activate/re-member 🙂 our human biological blog tech, ping me.  I give my permission to gently hack in.  I will pick up my phone.  I am finally ready to follow the white rabbit ;).  I am in the now remembering more.  Remembered am I.

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9 thoughts on “The Power of Phoning Home

  1. One ping received worth sharing.
    In doing a search on my computer to find the telephone picture I had archived for this post, this is the only other file that came up in the search:,d.dmg

    It is the beginners guide to creating reality. What does that file have to do with word searching for a telephone photograph for a post about phoning home for assistance?! lol The universe has the best and most wicked sense of humor.


    ”And, behold, there came unto me a sweet
    maiden as you have not seen, whose gilded
    hairs, as it were indeed, danced about her.
    And the crown that be upon her hair was
    not of lilies or of rosebuds or of irises but
    an unknown flower. And of her drapery,
    indeed her gowns were translucent and
    mellow and free. Behold, she came unto me
    and, behold, she gave unto me a great sword.
    It sang. It sang. Yet it took nigh, as it were
    indeed, nine hands to hold its handle it was
    so great.”
    “This is what she said. ‘Go and conquer
    yourself.’ ”
    – Ramtha

  2. Time travel to share the now of M! or to get the reaction right! 🙂 x!

    • Hear 🙂 is to leaving Punxsutawney.

      I absolutely love it! Yes we really already do this type of time travel in our minds all the time. I still have a few loaded feed back loops that pop up from the past in my now when I re-encounter certain situations that trigger the same old emotional wiring. In those moments I say a little mantra in my head:

      “bless you my child for you have sinned… it has been X days since your last reaction….hail M full of grace, in this moment what would you enjoy doing differently?” ;).

      It is the instant power of my own personal moment of honesty truth confessional. It is the joy of the repeating Ground Hog Day until I finally remember I can do ANYTHING differently NOW.

      So my sweet, here is a toast to being Goddesses today in the flavor of “I am a God, not The God” and might as well be that with a prayer thrown in for world peace… oh and upping the chances of new reactional departure by more than a poxy 8%. x

      • It is getting freaky. I just wrapped up writing a post for groundhog day featuring a clip with that same line, “Not the God”!! (write a little, grade a little, keeping me sane, maybe)…we are not in kansas anymore, toto and sister friend!

  3. Woo Hoo! We are creating Kansas! lol The phone is ringing and we are picking up.

  4. And another ping….

    Today I emailed an amazing teacher with a question and he received that email while he was addressing a book to mail back to me (a request placed a few days ago). What are the chances of that? lol

    Perfect timing inside and outside I would say.

    His inspired work can be found here:

    Thank you Dr. Joe for picking up on the end of the line. 🙂 x

  5. Anonymous on said:

    I just love the Telepaphone!

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