Hear the Words of My Mouth

Just recently I was able to witness a small kerfuffle related to the choice of words and their usage by one who was poking fun at some of the drama created in the world of mainstream media.  One I adore made an innocently intended observation in the form of a joke related to their country of origin and some of the unwitting cultural buffoons put forward from this country as taste makers and trend setters on the world stage… people who were purposely positioned, in my opinion, to dumb down the content of communication and side track the world stage away from the focus on anything of conscious, deeper meaning.

In response to using words, it was strange to witness the ridged attachment people can have to what boils down to sound waves hardened into shapes on a page.  We all get together and decided that the shapes you see here and are reading now have an agreed upon ability to communicate specific content.  What is interesting is the baggage of layered meaning that gets attached to the structure of that content along the way.

For example, I grew up in a home where certain words were described as inappropriate for use based on a set of ridged value judgments.  They would have been referred to as “curse words” or words that in some way could limit ones communion with the divine. There are certain members of my family who still operate from this paradigm of language usage meaning and I try my best to respect this point of view (although to be fair to them, they are not ridged and judgmental in return when they hear these words used, rather I think it just pricks their heart a bit on their hearing of them used by people they love).

As an example, from my father, in all of my years I have only ever heard him utter what he would consider to be expletives a few times.  I will never forget the first time I did.  I was I think 13 years old and I was helping him with a rehab project related to the plumbing in the home we were living in.  In shear frustration during the job not going well, out of his mouth popped a word that I had never heard him speak.  Realizing what he had said aloud in my presence, he then turned to me and apologized explaining that I must remember that he had once served for several years in the American army (as if this could explain where the word could pop from in an unguarded moment of emotional overload).  I think I was a bit shocked, but I remember laughing as well.


Even back then I was beginning to realize that the way I was wanting to show my reverence for the divine or sacred was more defined not by what I did not or should not do or say, but rather by what I was actually doing and saying and why I was doing and saying it.

My father was a good man (still is).  His use of a word which he was agreeing to assign meaning to which somehow could then be viewed as offensive to his understanding of “God” in no way made his daughter think less of him.  In fact, to me it made me love him all the more for his willingness to communicate with me about his perceived imperfections.  In the end by him being real, I ended up loving him even just that little bit more for it.

When we have an emotional reaction or judgment triggered based on a word choice or it’s usage, in my experience we are being gifted an opportunity to come up against our own boundary of constructed meaning assigned to the external world.  We come up against the layer of operational defining of who and what we think we are in that moment.

Now as to the magic of sound and it’s usage to actually create and destroy on this planet, this I do think is real.  However, our ability to use sound and words to effect reality immediately is still being remembered.  What would happen to our experience of reality if our language had no words for things in an idea of past or a future?  What about communication that only could describe the now?  Powerful.  As for instant manifestation of all our word thought forms, fortunately we buffoons are not there -yet.

Think this is just is just %$#@y woo woo science fiction?  Think again:

Finding the words creating an experience of reality past polarity.  This is my contemplation today.

And to my sweet Papa-san, I am willing to be wrong to find the boundaries of what is beyond right.  My intent is good.  My intent is.  I work to free words from their bonds of frozen meaning creating unfrozen potentials for new experiences in my reality. Thanks for supporting me as I explore.  Thank you for understanding that I must be true to what I currently understand as right and wrong. I  %$&*ing love you all the more for it. 🙂

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