Baby, You’ve Got My #

I have been thinking lots lately about how to see clearly the limitation traps in our thinking.  We construct this solid way of seeing the world that at the end of the day often is no more real than the energy from belief we put behind it.

Yesterday I was thinking about how interacting with numbers helps build our world and our understanding of it.  Did you know that we have to be “tricked” into thinking of numbers as discrete measurements, as integers? Left to our own devices, the human brain interacts with numbers logarithmically… meaning if one were to ask what is the middle number between 1 and 9 we would naturally answer 3 (not 5!).   What type of world is and can be built when we automatically see the  answer as 3?

Very interesting podcast about expanded ways of thinking about and interacting with numbers:

My grandfather was an aeronautical engineer for at time with GE and then IBM in New York. If memory serves he worked with and knew Erdös.  Does my then writing with my grandpa give me an Erdös number of 2?  lol

Math was never my strong point back in the day.  I lacked a teacher in my youth who could help numbers transform into the sexy things that they actually are.  They help grid and structurally underpin so much of our experience in the external world here, but today it is interesting to contemplate my understanding of how real they fundamentally are.

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