Valentine Radio Roulette

Want a little bit of magic in your life today?  When I am in the zone and remembering, I ask the universe to provide a soundtrack with a special message for me in my life.  I will ask that the first song I next hear be something with meaning or a message just for me.

This little game can be played several ways.  When I am working, once I get to the top of the escalator at the terminal I fly from at JFK in NYC I can then hear the song that is playing in the background while people wait in the various airport lines.  I will listen for what it is and see what the message is for me.  It is amazing how often the words of the song will have something to do with things I have just been thinking about on my train ride in to the airport or how often the song will address questions I have been asking myself about my life or the nature of reality.

If you drive to work you could turn on the radio and use the song that is currently playing or if you have a store you shop at that pipes in tunes, you can use what is playing when you walk in.  If you have a large and eclectic i-pod playlist you can also set it to random shuffle.  I have thousands of hours of music on mine.  When I am writing, sometimes I will use the shuffle feature to guide my thoughts or often a song will come on that exactly talks about what I was just writing about!

Radio roulette is an interesting way to help soften the edges of experiencing and interacting with an external reality in a way that reminds one that it is not wholly separate from ourselves.

Have fun with this.  I hope you bring a little personal magic from the universe into your world in the form of a little love song meant just for you today.

My “radio” roulette today:

Today the universe gives me a wonderful mystery to solve.  At 3:40 is that Japanese or Chinese?  What message do I get today?  How fun to find out.

Won’t you be my valentine?  Absolutely.


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