In The World, But Not of It

For the second time in a few years I just activated my FaceBook account which had been left in hibernation when I began this blog.   Really it was FB itself that inspired me to start writing to myself here, so with this post, in many ways I feel like I am coming back around full circle.

I have reactivated my FB account for a short time because I was feeling some ripples in the force :).  I could feel a tug of pain and some unhappiness nipping at the heals of someone close to me.  Not being quite sure who or where it was coming from, I decided that I would cheat a bit and that it was time to check in with the family and friends who had once found me using that electronic medium.

So, when done flying while laying over at different hotels on the road over the past few days, I have been enjoying taking a quick peek back into what has been happening in the lives of the people that I dearly love on FB.  What has changed for them and what has stayed the same over the past chunk of months/ years?  How happy and fulfilled are they in their lives?  It has been an interesting window back into their worlds.

Having done a once over there, I am still not sure of who out there has been using the “telepa-phone” to ask the universe for some specific support / help / guidance as the sands move beneath their feet, so I decided to just post this up here and let whomever feels inspired to follow up and watch.

This little piece for me, contains in one place some of the most important hard won wisdom that I have gleaned about how to begin to put into action in my life the admonition of what my religious and spiritual tradition would say to “be in the world, but not of it”.   To do Gods will.  It is wisdom that has given me real, sustained ways of living with profound peace and it’s organic byproduct we call happiness.  It is information that has enabled me to more fully live feeling alive, engaged with a richness in my life having a real relationship with my divinity… to be able to have my life be used as a tool for good on the planet (my tradition would call this being the hands of Christ…or living using the light of Christ guiding ones life).

The motto of the undergraduate university I attended was: “Enter to learn, go forth to serve”.  At the end of the day, past the details of the story of M enjoying her life, this is why I am here writing and this is why I do what I do in my life.  I am looking to graduate here.  This is why I activated my FB account for a bit.

Please enjoy.

And to any FaceBook friends and family who take the time to watch, welcome home to the heart of M.  This is how I look Sodom and Gomorrah in the face and still feel love. This is how I roll.  This is how I am dreaming peace real one moment at a time.  I am the changing I want to see.

Love you.  x.M

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2 thoughts on “In The World, But Not of It

  1. This is the course we are on – “steady as she goes…” – we’ll see how our ripples join to greater consciousness. Happy to know you are on this journey together with me and many others 🙂 ☼ tomas

  2. Excellent company to keep. Over the years I have been so grateful to have been touched by some of the great hearts who communicate their wisdom on this planet. Happy to add your shares to the mix. Appreciate you sharing here, too. -x.M

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