Sharing Love With Socks & Chairs

How do we human beings communicate and express the love that we are?  There is a person in my world that rather than using words (which I think is a difficult thing for them), instead will leave little treasures for those they love to be found.  There will be a new pair of a noticed favorite brand of socks or some special, rare chocolate that makes its way onto the pillow in the guest room when one is visiting with them.  They let the object gifted speak for them. This is their way of letting the people in their life know that they are seen, thought of and loved.

Love represented with objects in motion is one area of expression that has always appealed to me, as well.  This motion can take a million different forms using a million different things.  Having imagination come out into the world where it can be expressed, experienced and shared for no other reason that it was dreamed up is such an incredible way of sharing and showing love in my mind.

Along this vein of thought, throughout my life the experience of looking at kinetic sculpture has been a place that I can experience great love.  Here we find ourselves on this planet with all this stuff and what are we to do with it all?  Really the answer is whatever we want.  Whatever we can dream up.  One of my favorite artists using this medium with randomness of love for objects in motion can be enjoyed in an excellent TED talk:


For me, this type of art is the perfect blend of complex simplicity and transparency allowing the viewer to take and make their own meanings from it.   It starts in the imagination of the artist and then moves from thought into an object put into creative movement.  The object and it’s motion is then viewed by an observer and that perception then goes back in and communicates whatever the viewer would like to let in from the experience of it.  For me this is definitely a form of love in motion. The perfect ambiguity allowing the art to blossom with it’s own meaning as it is viewed through the unique lens of the observer.

I could watch this artist’s dance of turning chair machine and the light with it’s moving shadow behind it all day long.  For me it is a perfect reminder of taking everyday objects and remembering that they hold within them the seed of high art, the potential of great love expressed without ever needing to utter a word.

Thank you Mr. Ganson for bringing such imagination into our world… sharing and saying the way you uniquely love, one found object and one masterpiece at a time.  Love in motion from your world is a beautiful thing to behold.

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One thought on “Sharing Love With Socks & Chairs

  1. Another sculptor I love whose work, inspired by observations in nature, is sublime:


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