Just Beyond The Blue Door

The sleep pattern is jumbled in my world and when this happens it seems that things I forgot, I remember and then other things I had remembered, I forget.

I will be fully present, aware, observant and completely in the zone pushing the edges into the cusp of the unknown.  I will get a hint of a whiff of a taste of new knowing and in those moments I want so badly to tattoo the experience of this expansion into my memory banks so that I can recall all as I drift back toward sleep.

Each time this cycle happens I remember a bit more and wake up again a bit faster in the ever moving forward moments that make up this life of M.  I am and being there, I step off the emotional roller coaster just observing a tired body with it’s wide awake mind.

Ok, 4:16am and the pillow might just be finally calling.  Sleep dreaming to be awake.


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the door sill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.


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6 thoughts on “Just Beyond The Blue Door

  1. The geek in me sees the problem…

    var M = 1;

    if (!Zzz)
    M = M / 2;

    Translation… turn off your computer after 11 pm


    • I absolutely LOVE IT DC! What an utter treat to find you checking in here. The sleepiness/sleeplessness issue recently has been one of consciousness of the spirit flavor. And yes you are right… a technology fast absolutely can assist with the desired STAYING AWAKE 🙂 and not talking* with my husband until 4am would help the going to sleep. (*Not a sly euphemism there… this time actually up discussing the nature of reality and our place in it with him.)

      When I am focused on dancing with my divinity there are these delicious, deep pools of wisdom I get access to swim in and then suddenly, I find the new French Jar pottery at my local Williams-Sonoma attempting to eat up all the extra bandwidth needed for staying on that dance floor… lol. It is like the sensualist in me is attempting to fight the spirit in me (kind of like the rich man through the eye of the needle thingy scripturally). The beautiful things of this world are in no way bad or wrong or evil, they just take time attention and energy. I find that my energy is unlimited, but at this stage of the game, my ability to access it is not :).

      Will I give up the kingdom of heaven for a bowl of porridge? No, but if the bowl is sexy, what an added temptation. lol

      (Geeks like us have always secretly ruled the world you know. Blessings on your head D!)

      • Really liked that video. I served my mission in France and actually my wife (Sophie) is French 🙂

        Sophie likes to drink Herbal Tea, and I should get her a new Cup that is something original.


        I was talking with a dear friend about the idea that we are all connected through energy strings. I can definitely see this, through the years that I have reflected on my past. People have come and gone, yet there is this lingering connection of dreams, hopes, wishes, and ultimately love that connects each of us.

        For you M there is a string that branches across the Atlantic that wishes you all the very best.

      • David and la bella Sophie! France is magic. Several of the most memorable experiences that forever changed the course of my life have happened in France. One was speaking with a homeless man at the LE MUR DES JE T’AIME at the romantic rose garden of the Square Jehan Rictus Place des Abbesses in Paris Montmartre. And another happened as I was hiking alone for a month on the Camiño de Santiago trail (or on the French portion Chemins de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle) at the refugio (pilgrims hostel) at Roncevcaux on the boarder between France and Spain. Magic magic magic. Details are not for here, but one day over a cup of herbal tea we can dish. But oh, my love of France :)… not to mention the food as well!!! (Just had bread with butter infused with strawberry and fennel at a French restaurant recently that made my eyes tear up with gastronomic delight).

        That string you speak of is such an amazing contemplation. I adore that you spend your time, talents and energies ruminating on such things. You ping a thought hello down that string and I get the hit of support and connection. Thank you for that. A rogue physicist that addresses similar thoughts who I enjoy is Nassim Haramein. He does work with the unified field theory and the idea of black whole 🙂 singularity connections. You might enjoy his work: . As for additional connections past physical presence it is also interesting to look at what is happening with electromagnitism and the light spectrum .

        My string will be stretched from NYC soon. As I do a few JFK-LAX-JFK turns I will wave and string energy ping a hello from above as I fly over Utah. Joy on yOur journey D! -x.M

  2. David, Oh yes and there is the work of Rupert Sheldrake… I think I listed some good links in the comments on post here: I think I saw a picture on your FB page that had a sweet puppy in it so you will completely appreciate this.

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